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What is a working area in a bedroom? It is the room used for activities such as working or spending time around the house. The study room can have one or more outlets. In order to create an efficient working environment, the furniture and design of the room may differ from other rooms. Examples of main furniture in study rooms are a desk, a bookcase and a comfortable chair.

It can be used for activities such as study rooms, office work, university studies, computer studies. As Boztaş Home, we produce and market useful office furniture for you using the highest quality products. The study room can be designed differently from the rest of the house or from where it is located. To increase efficiency, the study room should be bright and spacious. You can achieve this with the lighting or the number of windows. Another way to increase productivity in the study room is to have as little furniture as possible. Crowded rooms and rooms with lots of furniture can be awkward and strain your eyes.